Ear pain is the number one reason for children to visit a chiropractor. Ear infections also account for over 35% of pediatrician visits in the United States . Half of all kids will have at least one middle ear infection before they are one year old. Most ear infections are treated with antibiotics, but they are not always effective. Antibiotics are useful only for bacterial infections and do nothing to fight viruses. Repeated doses of antibiotics can also lead to drug resistant bacteria. Ear infections are the second most common surgery performed on children. This surgery often has to be repeated and requires the risk of general anesthesia.

An earaches may also be caused by many disorders including foreign objects in the ear, TMJ disorder, tumors, meningitis or other infections. Be sure to have your child’s ears examined to determine the cause of pain.
Why do kids get more ear infections than adults? One reason is because of a child’s anatomy. Kids’ eustachian tubes (middle ear tubes) are shorter and more horizontal than in adults. This makes it a shorter trip for microorganisms and more difficult for the ear to drain. The tube is also more floppy and has a smaller opening than adults. This makes the opening easier to block.
Chiropractic is a conservative, non invasive, drugless approach that can be used to address ear pain or ear infections. Falls, injuries, and even birth can cause these areas to become misaligned. A misalignment can lead to disruption of the nerve and can affect the Eustachian tube. This can lead to fluid build up and ear infections. These misalignments also create muscle tension in the neck. This puts pressure on the lymph or drainage system, which prevents the body from being able to naturally drain this fluid. A chiropractor generally focuses on the child’s upper neck and occipital (back of skull) areas. Usually a very light force or pressure is used to correct this misalignment. Children typically respond to chiropractic care very quickly. For more information regarding childhood ear infections please contact your chiropractor today.
Dr. Katie Brauer’s first visit to the chiropractor was for chronic ear infections as a child.She now has the pleasure of adjusting children in her practice as well as her own twin sons. She can be reached at Optimum Rehabilitation Center at (815)580-8270.